Exploring The Ecology of Happiness. Like Positive Psychology, But For Sustainability

ecohappy: Say What?

Things are connected, sure: But why, then, do we hear so much more about the ways we’re destroying things? So little about the ways happiness and satisfaction and the good life are connected?

This is where the idea of #ecohappy came about.

Because it’s obvious that you can’t have a good life on a despoiled planet, but that’s not all of it.

Also, because there are many ways that our happiness and life satisfaction doesn’t need to come from predatory capitalism and mindless consumerism – and because we should question who really even does that and why.

We need biodiversity in practical ways and we need nature because we have a certain biophilia, an attraction to green surroundings, wild landscapes, fascinating species.

And of course, it can’t be – and it obviously isn’t, looking at the last few decades of environmentalism – the way forward to a better world and better lives (and perhaps, space*) to only decry everything we’re doing wrong.

To be motivated and to change things, scares sometimes help. When they are scary enough and the solutions are clear.

When the challenges are diffuse and presented as impending doom with few solutions, we need aspirational ideas.

Like, how we can live better. For ourselves, others, and the world.

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