Exploring The Ecology of Happiness. Like Positive Psychology, But For Sustainability

Restarting. Getting Personal with #EcoHappy

Hi, I’m Gerald, and I used to be known as “Eco”… and it’s time for a new direction.

[If you’ve just come from an earlier version of this site, which was at www.beyond-eco.org: My apologies. It’s been time for a true restart, so I’m restarting with a blank canvas now.]

It has been over a decade since I started looking at “positive ecology”, 30 years since I got into “environmental” themes.

When I started researching synergies between ways of (making a) living based in ecology and oriented towards ecological sustainability on the one hand, and the good life, the things that really make us happy, on the other hand, I wanted to let the connections speak for themselves.

In the process, the writing became focused on the usual things that people don’t understand, things that people should really be doing, things that have all been said before.

The very approach I started out criticizing. The approach I wanted to provide alternatives to.

What I think we need are alternatives. Alternatives that are actually being lived by people. Better ways of living, explored by living them.

So, now, allow me to provide at least one example of exploration and experimentation. A personal example. Mine.

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